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In contract law, a release, absolution, or discharge from an. This article needs additional citations for verification. Some latin terms have been given judicial or statutory meanings and have become terms. We have tried to compile a few of them so that it might prove helpful for you all and the rest of the legal terms and maxims section will be provided later. The a to z guide to legal phrases plain english campaign. Latin legal terms can seem like a language outside of your everyday use, but you may be surprised at how many you already know. Glossary of legal latin a fortiori from stronger argument used to express a conclusion for which there is stronger evidence than for a previously accepted one ab initio from the beginning if a contract is void say for mistake ab initio, this has the consequence that no. Dictionary of latin law terms affidavit standing law scribd. A legal term that is used to indicate a legal proceeding held. Dictionary of latin law terms free download as word doc. The latin term, apparently a variant on maxima, is not to be found in roman law with any meaning exactly analogous to that of a legal maxim in the medieval or modern sense of the. Accessory not the perpetrator of the crime but in some way involved without being present in the commission of the crime. An easytounderstand guide to the language of law from the dictionary experts at merriamwebster.

V legal latin phrases and maximsa legal maxim is an established principle or proposition. Pdf meaning of latin legal words faysal mustafa academia. The a to z guide to legal phrases this is only a basic guide. There are many legal maxims, which are commonly used. Weve all watched a suspect give an alibi while watching our favorite legal drama, and youve likely entered many quid pro quo agreements if youve ever swapped books. A number of latin terms are used in legal terminology and legal maxims. Abandon v abate v to abate a nuisance abatement abdicate v abdication abduct v abduction abet v to aid and abet abetment abeyance in abeyance ab initio abode abolish v to abolish slavery.

Abstraction taking away with intent to harm or deceive. Legal maxims and legal terms hi guys, legal maxims and legal terms are something which have been frequently asked in clat and ailet featuring in the english section. This chapter selectively seeks to explain some maximsphrases, which are relevant to tax context. Whar tons work,which, perhaps, is the most popular of its kind. Victoria law foundation legal glossary 2 adduce to adduce or lead evidence is to show a document or thing to the court, or to ask a witness questions, as part of an argument in a court case.

Abduction taking away by violence or fraud and persuasion. A guilty act the prohibited conduct or behaviour that the law seeks to prevent. Latin phrases used in english flagstaff unified school. Although commonly referred to as the guilty act this is rather simplistic, as the. Search more than 10,000 legal words and phrases for clear definitions written in plain language. Google allows users to search the web for images, news, products, video, and other content.

Breach of contract breaking the terms agreed on in a contract bylaw law made by a local authority candidate attorney someone with a law degree who works for a law firm for two years before qualifying as an attorney. English term or phrase literal translation definition and use pronunciation. The terms and explanations are for the law in england and wales. Generally, you do not need to learn and use many latin phrases, but it could help you to recognize them when you see them. Lawyers use latin terms because they are a convenient shorthand. A legal maxim or legal phrase elucidates or expounds a legal principle, proposition or concept.

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